Boho Luxe...


Or "rich hippie" has been around since the 60's thanks to iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent.  I've found over time that some people are able to completely embrace this look and others, not knowing how to make it work for them, stay far away.

Curious?  Well, when putting together a Boho look, think layers, think freedom. Nothing should restrict your movement.

Still interested, but when you look at the photo's the clothing feels too busy? All those patterns, flowers, paisley, embroidery, feel as if they are going to overwhelm you?   The solution is simple, stick to solids with the big clothing pieces.

Below is a photo of Chanel's take on Boho for the Fall, definitely a South Western feel.  You can recreate this by adding in some solids but still keep the flow and retain some of the patterns.  Switch the patterned skirt to a solid one and the top for a solid neutral as well.   Then play with adding pattern and texture in the form of vests and scarves.  Not a fan of South Western patterns? Go ahead and use the patterns that you like.   This is the beauty of the evolution of fashion, you can make it your own.   So in the spirit of Boho, allow yourself the freedom to see were you want to go with this look.

Chanel Fall 2014
Chanel Fall 2014

Flowing, baggy pants are everywhere right now and there are plenty with patterns, but again, you can choose a solid that works for you and add the pattern that is very much part of the Boho look in smaller ways.

A simple, solid flowing dress with a longer knit vest, boots and ethnic jewelry will tone down the look but still has the Boho feel.  Or, perhaps you are ready to dive in and embrace Boho Luxe!

Which ever way you go, remember, the Boho look is confident and free!

Happy styling.

Jennifer Krigsman

Personal Stylist