The best part of my job?  Knowing that I am making a difference in lives of my clients!  How?  See below!

"I wish I met Jen years ago!  Working with Jen to identity my colors and hone in my style has been a fantastic experience.  Jen is kind, fun and honest.  I now realize I have been drawn to, and wearing, cool colors, which do not serve me well.  Jen helped me eliminate the wrong items from my closet and made shopping for new clothes fun (not something I have ever enjoyed)!  Shopping with Jen is focused and efficient.  It was such a relief to know I was trying on items I needed in the right color and stye!  I am now on my way to completing a beautiful and functional wardrobe for work and play.  No more second guessing or wasting time and money on the wrong pieces of clothing!  Thanks Jen.  You will hear from me again." Liz Hill, Boulder, Colorado.

"I am VERY happy with my blush colored scarf that we got when we went shopping together.  I just love that cool blush color so much but always thought I could never wear it.  Thanks for your color/style guidance! I will feel more informed shopping in the future!" T.R. Colorado.

"My daughter and I did a color consultation with Jen and really learned a lot. We always thought certain colors just didn’t work with our skin tone (made us look too sallow), but through Jen we realized that there is so much more than just “color.” We learned that we were the “Earth” color group and each group had every color! So we found the right colors that went with our skin tone! Now there are pretty colors and clothes that we just didn’t really look at because we automatically ruled them out. And, we bring our handy swatch kit to match the right colors. It really makes you break out of your clothing box and be more adventurous. It was great for my daughter to learn at a younger age what works for her. And for me, to get out of my middle-age funk!"  K. Dessau, Boulder, CO.

"I do have to say that, since having my colors done by Jen, I feel much more confident about spotting my colors while out and about. I'm noticing color more each day and trying to tune into what that unlocks for me.  Thank you for such a fantastic experience! " A.D. , Boulder, CO.

 “Jen, that was such an amazing shopping experience! Thank you for making it so easy. You truly have a gift for color and style. I felt like a princess. I LOVE everything I bought (so glad I got the blazer too, thanks for encouraging)” Thanks for being my personal stylist! – SB, Colorado.

"It was very nice to meet you yesterday, and I enjoyed the color process. Since the color consult, my mind has been going and going, and I am very excited to get into the style portion so I can better visualize incorporating my new colors and begin my new wardrobe...After completing the style portion, I feel that I have a clear vision of my style story and how to implement that into a wardrobe that feels completely me." ~ H. Froman, Boulder, CO.

 "Jen! That was lovely today and I thank you very much! Now I see why my really expensive light green shirt never looked good on me....it doesn’t match any of my Earth color group swatches!  That was so helpful!" Annie C., Lafayette, CO.

"I smile every time I open my closet!  Working with Jen has opened the door to a whole new world of color and clothing. Many of my friends and colleagues have noticed these changes and compliment me on a regular bases.  I even have strangers approach me to compliment me on what I’m wearing. am more thoughtful of my clothing purchases, which has saved me money, and now have a wardrobe that makes sense.  I have more options with fewer items keeping me looking fresh and stylish.
Thank you Jen for your keen eye and helping me to find a style that looks good and works for me!!" C. L Boulder, CO.

“Being a picky shopper and a stubborn dresser, I wasn’t expecting to benefit from this experience as much as I did. Seeing what the slightest difference in a color’s shade can do for your skin is remarkable. Thanks to Jennifer, I’m positive that future shopping trips, using her ColorOnstyle™ system, will not result in purchases that dwell in the back of my closet!” N. Casin, Los Angeles, CA.

“The color consultation with Jennifer forever changed the way I will look at color. Her ColorOnstyle™ system of color reflection is like magic before your eyes. My perception of what colors work for me is on a new trajectory.  I would recommend this consultation to anyone.” B. Sheldon, Los Angeles, CA.

“I have always wanted a wardrobe that I can mix and match and look great in. I have wanted to get up in the morning, look in my closet and know exactly what I want to wear, put it on and look and feel fabulous all day long. Now thanks to my new personal stylist, Jennifer Krigsman, I have that wardrobe. Jennifer analyzed my colors using her ColorOnstyle™ system and helped me select clothes that enhance my natural beauty. Jennifer is a colorist and personal stylist. The money I spent with her is money well spent. I am no longer wasting money on clothes I never wear.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to feel confident and look and feel great”.           

            Nancy Kirkendal, Real Estate Broker, Re Max Alliance Boulder, CO.

"I wanted to take a minute to tell you all that having your color analysis done with Jennifer  and her ColorOnstyle™ system is a fun and flattering process. I have had Jennifer consult with my wardrobe and I hear her voice when I am shopping.  When you know what colors make you look beautiful, you won’t want to shop any other way. She will make you see how beautiful you are, naturally with her ColorOnstyle™ system"  –Renee Shannon, Lafayette, Colorado.

"What Jen did for me, she came to my house looked in my closet without judgement and gave me great ideas!  As a personal stylist she has an eye for the latest in fashion and she took my clothes and created some fun, unexpected and stylish outfits.  She made the most out of the items I had, recombining things I never would have thought of, and gave me a list of things to think about adding to the mix. I love her ColorOnstyle™ system and always use it when I shop for myself." – Tina Galgon-Herr, Boulder, CO.

“I loved having my colors done by Jennifer! I was amazed at how great my color group looked on me! She knew right away what my colors were, and really took the time to explain how it works, and in addition, her upbeat personality made the session really enjoyable.  From now on, I will save time and money on clothing shopping, because, I will be able to identify my colors more easily. I highly recommend her ColorOnstyle™ system to anyone who would like to enhance their wardrobe, and bring out their natural beauty.” Shweta McBurnie, Nederland, CO.

"I had a lot of items in my closet that I loved, but they still had tags on them. I just didn’t know what to pair them with. Jen came in, to be my style coach, and put together amazing outfits with pieces I already had. She has a great eye for style and I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing!" M.P., Boulder, CO.

"I didn’t realize that I was wearing the wrong colors, but when I wear the colors that Jen suggested, with her ColorOnstyleTM system, my dark circles disappear and I look 10 years younger!"  Meredith Prystas, Seattle, Washington.

"Sitting down with Jen and having her do my colors, with her ColorOnstyle™ system, was not only fun but it made me feel good about myself. I have suffered from rosacea for years and Jen was able to teach me that by picking out certain hues of colors to wear I can help tone down the redness on my face. Also by wearing my color type I am able to bring out the natural highlights in my hair and eyes and get a lot more compliments. Since having my colors done I think differently when I shop. When I come to a rack shirts that has a variety of colors to choose from I pull out my color swatch book she gave me and pick out the right shades for me. I am an interior design who has a good relationship with color but I never thought to look and use color this way. Jen has really created a brilliant system to help us all out, I would recommend having your colors done to anyone."
Ali Webster, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Because of Jen”s expert wisdom my color plate has changed from orange tones to a palate that brings out the youthful pink tones in my skin.  Now I am wearing more pinks and yellow greens and receiving compliments. I feel more light-hearted when I wear these colors.  Thanks Jen, I love your ColorOnstyle™ system!" JJM

“I’ve always been a firm believer that when a woman feels confident, her beauty shines forth… after Jen did my colors, I realized, the appropriate shade of black and white makes all the difference– in say… evoking that inner radiance or not highlighting dark circles! The proof was clear as my reflection. The ColorOnstyle™ consultation with Jen will change how you shop for yourself, and with your new color swatches in your bag of tricks, it's easy. Thank you Jennifer! ” Amanda Dumenigo, Boulder, CO.

"A good stylist is hard to find.  I work in the TV industry and have seen wardrobe consultants make or break the way people look and feel about themselves on TV.   
When I went shopping with Jen, she made the process effortless and fun.  And, I finally spent money on clothes that are the right colors on me and that I want to put on in the morning, versus clothes that I end up returning, or just end up clogging up my closet. 
Though having style coach seems almost too luxurious, in the end, you’ll save money because you’ll be buying clothes that look really good on you so you will actually want to wear them.  Jen I love your ColorOnstyle™ system, thank you!"
                             Madeleine Pollak
                             Pollak Productions, Inc.
                             Emmy Award Winning Video Production

"Our therapists in LA loved having Jennifer do their colors, with her ColorOnstyle™ system and take them shopping.  It was an extremely positive and uplifting experience for them.  This unique gift was very well received by our therapists and we highly recommend it for any business as a way to reward their employees."     Michael & Shweta McBurnie, Owners Mytherapycompany.

"Want to feel uplifted and beautiful?  With style and grace Jen will do a color analysis on you with her ColorOnstyle™ system, help revamp your wardrobe, and make you shine.  Jen showed me the color group that brings out my natural radiance and diminishes the dark circles under my eye that I thought were permanent.  She is such fun to work with and I was amazed after our session how wearing the right colors can really enhance a person's beauty.  Thanks Jen!"  Dana, Boulder, CO.

"Wonderful!  Eye-opening!  Thought provoking!  Fun!  Oh the wonder of color with Jen's ColorOnstyle™ system!" J. Hart, Vermont.
"Hi Jen, you "opened my eyes" and gave me a reason to purge from my closet the clothing and jewelry I rarely wore.  I wondered why I never wore them and now I know!  I have a clearer vision of the colors that work for me.  Thank you!" A. Alman, Vermont.

 "Jen, my friends and I are still feeling the joy of memories of your recent visit.  We all learned a great deal and were awed by your warm and thoughtful manner, your vast knowledge and your willingness to share your expertise.  It was exciting to see one another transformed by your ColorOnstyle™ system!  We had a wonderful experience and are all very grateful!"  D. Runge, Vermont.

"Wonderful and best color consultant ever!"  Jane Dimotsis, Vermont.

"Jen, thanks for all the wonderful tips that you provided during our consultation.  Every time I go to the mall, I am drawn to and more aware of the colors, with your ColorOnstyle™ system, that are right for me :-) "
                                                                             Johanne Vaval, M.A. CCC-SLP
                                                                             Speech Language Pathologist
                                                                             Communication Keys, Inc
                                                                             Los Angeles, CA

"I had a lot of items in my closet that I loved, but they still had tags on them. I just didn’t know what to pair them with. Jen came in as my style coach and put together amazing outfits with pieces I already had. She has a great eye for style and I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing!"    M.P. Boulder, CO.

"After doing my colors, with Jen’s ColorOnstyle™ color system, I have a whole new way of looking at my clothes and color choices.  I realize now that the clothes that I never wear are because they are the wrong color for my complexion and make me look sallow.  Now I understand that the right color makes my whole face glow - accents my face as a whole and draws less attention to my "flaws" - the whole masterpiece vs. the, ahem, brush strokes (i.e. lines!).  I love knowing that Jen is still there to assist on choices and consult, even after I had my colors done - invaluable.  Jen, thanks for your attentive care!"  Lisa Metrick, Boulder, CO.

"I thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of Jen’s services in helping me discover the best colors for me and updating my work and every day style. Jen has a real gift as a color analyst, seeing the subtle differences in colors and fabrics.  She was very helpful in sorting through my existing out-of-style  wardrobe which consisted of many unflattering colors. Then I had so much fun having a personal shopping assistant help me select colors and styles that work for me. Thanks Jen for a great experience! It was such a pleasure working with you."
L.H., Pilates Instructor, Boulder, CO. 

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