I love empowering people through my workshops so that they feel more confident in themselves.


"...You were empowered and I felt your passion and a deep desire to help transform women so they have a positive experience with their style.  That was a keystone piece and made all the difference in me understanding my style choices.  Thank you!" Maria C. Boulder, CO.

"Jen is a force. Her calm and sense of humor, were just what I needed as she expertly lead me through the process of letting go of style/ideas/“workable pieces” that really weren’t me. Her kind gentle way gave me the space to claim who I am and made shopping (something I normally dread for myriad reasons) pleasurable! To step into the authentic me (literally supported by the me style of my wardrobe!) every day makes me feel like a YES when I walk out the door. " L.W. Boulder, CO.

"After I did Jennifer"s "Authentically you through personal style and the Personal Style Narrative™" presentation, I feel so empowered to finally, authentically express myself through my clothing.  She is right, first impressions and what you wear are powerful and they do matter.  I'm excited to finally be able to express the true me." T.K. Boulder, CO.

"As a talented personal stylist, Jennifer Krigsman has been incredibly helpful, kind and open to deeply exploring and shifting how my personal story and style intersect. She gently guided me through a simple self exploration process that allowed me to begin creating my own style narrative that truly reflects “who I am” and how I can authentically present myself to the world. Jennifer's professional approach is rooted in inspiration, understanding and intuition - making her a joy to work with time and time again."  J.I. Boulder, CO.

"Jennifer Krigman’s personal style workshop continues to reverberate and resonate with me every time I look in my closet or think of an item of clothing I’d like to wear. Jennifer's style narrative felt like a breezy, helpful friend’s reflections on my style. I have always relished wearing interesting combinations or layers of clothing as a means of self-expression. I like knowing what’s in fashion but not needing to keep up with every trend. I enjoy wearing different fabrics, shapes, textures, and colors. I love the lines, drape, and hand of clothing and fabric. A few nights ago, I dressed up to see the electronica group Sofi Tukker in the swingy, asymmetrical disco dress I found at Target a couple of summers ago. I felt just right for the occasion: me, comfortable, in my element. I thought about all of this in such detail when I dressed that evening because of Jennifer’s workshop, which led us through a questionnaire that in a very short time created space for a few women to gather and consider our own personal styles, our lives, and how to meld them into a satisfying and authentic whole. After the workshop, I could see my personal style as an an abundant gift that I have long enjoyed and will continue to develop and express. In all, I found the process of reflecting on my personal style choices and preferences most affirming and enlightening."  Rise Keller, Boulder, CO.

"Jen, I loved the workshop and it really made me think about my clothes and their message.  Thank you for working with me on this!" A.G. Boulder, CO.


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