Hi, I’m Jen Krigsman. I’m a personal stylist and it’s my job to empower you through color and style!

I started my journey with fashion and colour naturally, effortlessly.  I love fabric. The look and feel of well tailored clothing inspires me.  I know that the quality of a color can either enhance or detract from natural beauty.

Completing my BA, with a major in art, allowed me to explore and understand color in a whole different light.  It added another layer to my own natural, intuitive sense of how color can be an effective tool, in the world of beauty and style.  And, all this time, I was always sewing, always exploring the limits of fabrics and design. I worked closely with clients to fulfill their dreams for the ultimate wedding dresses or well tailored ensembles, all designed and sewn by me.  Somewhere along the way between the bolts of fabric, draped designs and fully sewn clothing for clients, I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), in NYC, for their fashion design program.

It was during my time as a student of fashion design at FIT, that I realized that what I really want to do is support individuals through finding their own unique style.

After I became a mother, I looked in my closet and I realized that my clothing did not reflect who I was anymore.  My clothing was the old me and needed to do some soul searching to find out who I was, at that time in my life.  I began my journey to developing my Personal Style Narrative™ that I give to my clients and present to groups.  At the same time it became apparent that offering a color component to my clients was vital.  I realized that uncovering authentic style and knowing which colors will enhance, not detract from your natural beauty are vital. After in-depth testing, I came up with a color system like no other!  My ColorOnStyle™ color system!

Call me, text me, email me, get in touch with me so we can get started!  I will choose the colors and we will uncover your style that will enhance your natural beauty and make you look radiant.   Although the bulk of my work is done in Boulder, I do travel and have clients in many different parts of the country.

What are you waiting for?