Style Makeover.

You can be more stylish, guaranteed! You can look and feel beautiful inside and out!


I love to help you feel empowered to authentically express yourself through your clothing in any situation!  


Through the use of my Personal Style Narrative™ we will uncover your unique style(s) through a series of questions and answers. My Personal Style Narrative™ has 3 parts to it. Once I have collected all the information that I need, from you, we can get you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous!  As your personal stylist I love to bring out your natural beauty; your natural beauty is your gift!  Wearing clothing that whispers, screams, or simply states, "This is me", will make you empowered in your authentic personal style.  Once you have this knowledge, you will feel confident that you are stating to the world who you truly are.

What are you waiting for?