Do you need a wardrobe update?  Wonder why you look so washed out in the colors you wear?  Absolutely hate to shop and when you do, you spend money on things you don't wear and never even take out of the bag?

     So many women feel the same way!  But, imagine knowing which colors not only compliment your complexion but seem to hide those fine lines and wrinkles;  imagine being in a store with a dressing room filled with clothing waiting for you to try on and everything is in your size, your color and your style!  What if every time you opened your closet you knew exactly what you were going to wear.


     As your style coach, I love to bring out your natural beauty!  As your style coach, I will guide you in defining YOUR own personal style.  Choosing clothing for you that screams, whispers or simply states, "This is me", is what I love to do.  


     We start with doing your colors and then move on to a style makeover (complimentary with colors) and then wardrobe makeover and shopping.  And you take these steps as fast or as slowly as you choose!

     I look forward to meeting you and putting you on the path to your true style.

Warmly, Jen.




Jennifer Krigsman

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