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Personal Stylist

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 Jennifer Krigsman

I've done your colors and your style, now it's time to see what's in your closet!

Ever had those days when you go to your closet and you have nothing to wear?  You have a few pieces that you love but you don't know how to pull them together or everything just seems out dated, miss-matched or the wrong size?   The wardrobe makeover completely transforms this process for you.  When we are finished you'll know exactly what to wear along with the perfect shoes and accessories each and everyday.  No more frustration, no more guess work!

I look to see what pieces of your clothing are in your color and I pull together outfits with your new style in mind using your existing clothing, shoes and accessories to create complete outfits then II tell you which pieces you need to add to your closet so your wardrobe is complete.

Now if you find yourself pulling on a pair of jeans, they are up to date and you love them!

Cost for wardrobe consultation: $60 per hour.

Jennifer Krigsman
Personal Stylist

WARDROBE MAKEOVER with a personal stylist

"I had a lot of items in my closet that I loved, but they still had tags on them. I just didn’t know what to pair them with. Jen came in, to be my style coach, and put together amazing outfits with pieces I already had. She has a great eye for style and I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing!" M.P., Boulder, CO