Do you look at other women and wonder how they pulled that awesome look together?  Are you having a hard time breaking out of the jeans and T- shirt routine?  Do you go to your closet and feel so frustrated because despite all the clothes hanging there, you just don't have anything to wear?

You know what?   Most women feel this way!   Who hasn't pulled on "that" pair of jeans and sweater along with 'those" sneakers and thought; "If only I had something else to wear or at least an updated pair of jeans that looks good on me!" Or, "I never have anything to wear!" The good news is, that with the help of an experienced personal stylist, you can get back to looking and feeling absolutely fabulous! 

You can be more stylish, guaranteed!  You can look and feel beautiful inside and out!  You may feel that you don't have the money for this, but as  many of my clients will attest, this process actually saves you money!

I look forward to working with you to bring out your natural beauty through your updated stylish look!

Cost for style consultation: Complimentary with colors consultation!

Without color consultation, style consultation: $60 per hour.

Jennifer Krigsman
Personal stylist

"Jen as a personal stylist, has an eye for the latest in fashion and she took my clothes and created some fun, unexpected and stylish outfits that really work for who I am.  She made the most out of the items I had, recombining things I never would have thought of, and gave me a list of things to think about adding to the mix. I love her ColorOnstyleTM system and always use it when I shop for myself.  Now I feel more authentically me" – Tina Galgon-Herr, Boulder, CO

- Authentically you through personal style!

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 Jennifer Krigsman

As your personal stylist, I love to bring out your natural beauty that is the gift of every women!  As your personal stylist, I will guide you in defining and uncovering YOUR own personal style with my Personal Style NarrativeTM.  Wearing clothing that whispers, screams or simply states, "This is me", will make you feel grounded in your authentic personal style.   Each person's style is unique, and you can wear clothing that allows you to express this individuality, with or without following fashion trends or fads. 

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Personal Stylist

What inspires you?  Field of sunflowers, weddings, fabric, bright colors or muted softness?  Knowing this about yourself helps to being to define your personal style!