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ColorOnstyleTM  A wonderful gift for your employees!

Give the gift of a colour consultation and personal shopping to your employees to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.  The individual attention that I give makes each person feel special, boosting their confidence and enjoyment at work.

Hourly rate: $60

As your style coach, I will guide you in defining your personal style.  Choosing clothing for you that screams, whispers or simply states, "This is me", is what I love to do.     Each person's style is unique, and we can wear clothing that allows us to express this individuality, without following fashion trends.

Looking in your closet, I can show you how to get the most out of the pieces you have, often without spending a dime on additional clothing.  

Need new pieces?  I'll guide you to make choices that complement what you already own, while speaking to your new style.   And, if we've worked with my ColorOnStyleTM system, the pieces chosen will be in the perfect colours for you.

Let's face it, not everyone loves to shop!  Let me make the entire experience effortless by shopping for you or accompanying you to the store, as your guide.

Jennifer Krigsman.

Style Coach


Private Clients


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Corporate Clients:

Aligning you with colours that naturally enhance your beauty without facelifts or expensive treatments, is what I do best!

Each skin tone resonates with the right colour frequency that gives skin a youthful glow and brings out natural beauty.  My ColorOnStyleTM analysis reveals the specific colour pallet adapted to your skin.  Using it correctly after our wardrobe audit will enhance your complexion to amplify your authentic good looks, so you appear your healthiest and most beautiful at every age.  

To be sure you continue to choose the colours that are right for you, I’ll give you a swatch packet to take with you when you shop for clothing.  



 Valentine's Day Special!

Need a fresh look for 2017 but don’t know where to begin? I can help and I’m running a special for the month of January!

For new clients:Have your colors done and receive an hour of personal shopping with me, FREE! Cost of color consult; $90.

For existing clients: Refer a friend! Your friend will receive my “friends and family discount” of $70 for colors and you get an hour of personal shopping with me, FREE!

Call now: 303-704-6519

Offer ends Valentine's Day.

Jennifer Krigsman

Style Coach