"...Jennifer analyzed my colors using her ColorOnstyleTM system and helped me select clothes that enhance my natural beauty. Jennifer is a colorist and style coach. The money I spent with her is money well spent. I am no longer wasting money on clothes I never wear.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to feel confident and look and feel great”.           
Nancy Kirkendall, Real Estate Broker, Re Max Alliance Boulder

PERSONAL SHOPPING with a style coach




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     Do you spend too much money on the wrong type of clothing?  Did it look great in the store, but the moment you tried it on at home you hated it?  Do you feel overwhelmed when you go to a big clothing store?  Do you have a couple of bags of clothing stashed away in your closet or the trunk of your car?  How about that dress you bought that stills has the tags on it, that you haven't worn?

     Lets face it, very few people like to shop for clothes.  Most people feel confused about their style and try to rely on the kindness of friends or the staff in the clothing store.   It's really normal to leave the store feeling frustrated and empty handed or having spent too much money on the wrong style and color of clothing.

     Being your style coach means that you know what your style and color group is before you go shopping.  You know when you walk in the store, for the first time, what you are looking for and if you leave empty handed it's because they didn't have what is right for you, not because you felt confused.   Suddenly you are not over spending, instead you are making an investment in clothing that enhances your natural beauty and spending less.


     How does shopping with a style coach actually work?  The good news is that I have a number of options and you can choose one that's just right for you:

We go shopping together: 

    I arrive a full 10 minutes before you do, so I can set up a dressing room for you full of things that are: 

  • a. in your color
  • b. in your style 
  • c. the right size for you

​​     Then the fun begins as you try on clothing and together we narrow down the choices that look best on you.  You can ask my clients;  I'm very diplomatic, but always honest!  I want you to leave the store feeling absolutely fantastic and completely confident about your choices.  If you feel that you need additional support, we set up a time and I come to your home and show you how to put the new clothing together with your accessories and clothing that you already have.


I go shopping for you:

​    No time to shop?  Hate going into clothing stores?  Not a problem  Since we have worked together I know your color, style and size.  I know which stores to go to and I purchase things that can be easily returned incase they aren't quite right on you.  Remember, what looks good on the hanger, may not be right on you and vice versa!  Once I have everything picked out, I come over to your home and we look at everything together.  I show you how to put together the new clothing with things you already own, how to pull it all together with accessories!  So much fun.  Then, if there is anything to return I do that, once the choices are made.  The feed back I've had from this process is that the person feels incredibly taken care of!

I go shopping for you and put things on hold...:

     then, you go to the stores and try on the items and decide if you want to purchase them or not.  Remember, I know your color, style and size, so it's easy for me to pick out items that are just right for you.  This works really well with smaller boutique stores that don't want to do returns but will gladly do at least a 24 hour hold.  It also works well if you don't want to spend a ton of time in a clothing store.  And, there is always the option of me meeting you at the stores if you still want extra input.  In addition we can spend time at your home, pulling it all together with your accessories and pieces that you already own.

     Allowing me to help you with clothing shopping means that you spend less time and less money, while purchasing only the clothes that are the right color, style and fit for you.  Clients consistently tell me how good they feel when people compliment their new choices.  They feel radiant and beautiful, confident and ready to walk out the door each day.  No longer are they wondering what to wear, no more jeans and T-shirts unless its a really conscious, perfect choice for the day!

Cost for shopping: $60 per hour.

Jennifer Krigsman
Style Coach